Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gundrum v. Obama

This morning, Charlie spent quite a bit of time on the Dominic Gundrum story, which was written by the Boston Globe.

Obama will never forgive the Globe for that.  First of all, the story directly contradicts the "Inconvenient?  Abort 'em!!!" motto of the Obama Gang--which will be extended to the elderly soon.

Here is a second pertinent cut from the story, one which is almost as devastating to the Statist-in-Chief:

Ultimately, they connected with a couple from a suburb west of Boston, who have four sons ranging from 1 to 9 years old. That family vacated their home in early December and let the Gundrums move in for nearly a month, over the Christmas holidays, while the host family stayed with relatives.

That happened because of the generosity of the Boston family, of course.

But it's important to understand that that Boston family was, in effect, an "intermediary institution", as are all families and churches--and even municipal, county, and State governments.  They are "intermediate" between the individual and the State--the Federal Government.

These institutions are the specific targets of the Obama Uberstadt, the Goliath State which will see all, rule all, and 'care' for all.  The Progressive Statists have been ripping away at the family for years (witness the fact that birth-control and abortion is now dispensed without parental consent, or even knowledge.)

The church's health-care system is now in the bomb-sights through ObamaCare's fetid "mandate," and you can bet that the Statists will fight to retain this provision tooth-and-nail, until the bitter end, whatever it may be.

Thus, it is Gundrum v. Obama.  We know already who the best man is.  But will that alone assure victory?

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Another load of paranoid horse shit.