Monday, January 07, 2013

Obozo's EPA: Killing Jobs, Killing Ratepayers

Nice move, Frank Windsor Lisa Jackson!

In keeping with Obozo's promise that 'you won't be able to afford' coal-generated electricity,  his EPA, led by a charades-queen, has slammed Wisconsin Public Service Corp. with a $1 million ++ fine and forced them to drop $300 million into "new" technology.  WPS will also have to drop $6 million into horse-hockey "mitigation" schemes.

The technology may work; no one else is using it.  But the other effects?

The heavy-handed EPA decision prompted a statement from the Northern Wisconsin energy company claiming “the settlement along with current economic conditions will likely lead to employee staff reductions within its energy supply operations area.


No, that's not all.

The EPA’s settlement with the energy company will not only kill jobs but will likely force higher rates on ratepayers

WPS is not alone here.  A lot of utilities have done exactly what they did:  utilize "best-possible" technology to reduce pollution.  Unfortunately, Ms. Windsor/Jackson demanded un-proven 'maybe-it'll work' technology.

We'll see how that plays out Up Nort'. 

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