Friday, January 18, 2013

"Maneuver X" the Next Pubbie Cave?

We noticed that Paul Ryan was engaging in smoke-emission yesterday.  Perhaps this Klein article sheds a bit more light.

...Consider, then, "Maneuver X." As modified to fit the current political environment, it would mean that Republicans remove all pressure. They should give Obama his debt limit increases without preconditions, and they shouldn't allow any government shutdowns.

Meanwhile, Republicans should use their majority in the House to pass bills that actually do address the nation's problems -- its economic stagnation, rising energy and health care costs, mounting debt and so on. At the same time, they can keep blocking major new expansions of government.

Erickson thinks that Klein's essay was drawn from Pubbie talking-points--meaning that Boehner want this to be known.

Looks like another El Foldo to me.  Boehner must think that his children and grandchildren will be immune to debt-repayment taxes, like Obozo's chilluns are immune to armed threats.


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