Thursday, January 24, 2013

The "Family Values" Priest? Puhhhhllleeezzze!

Well, well.  Fr. Massingale shows up in duh noooz, again.

As a reminder of Fr Massingale's notoriety, here's a snip of the news from a few years ago: asked Rev. Massingale, “Section 2357 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church says that ‘homosexual acts are contrary to the natural law.  They close the sexual act to the gift of life.  They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.’ That’s a quote. So, from your presence here today, is it safe to say that both of you disagree with this portion of Catholic law?”

Rev. Massingale said, “First, we have to become clear about, that it’s not Catholic law, it’s a Catholic teaching. It’s a distinction and a difference there. So let’s phrase your question more precisely –” at which point asked, “Do you disagree with Catholic teaching on that?”

Rev. Massingale then said, “I would be much more nuanced instead of saying agree or not because I think the issue before us right now as Congress, or as a body, is this: Regardless of human behavior, what is our stance regarding the protection of fundamental human dignity?  -- which is the reason why I phrased my intervention the way I did.”

Genuine Hillary!!

Now we have Fr. Massingale today!!

...Pro-life citizens and elected officials have a responsibility to show greater moral leadership and political courage when it comes to confronting threats to the sanctity of life posed by easy access to military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Members of Congress who take pride in their pro-life stance and appeal to family values have no excuse for inaction, and neither do any of us who share a firm commitment to these values....

Blahblah blabbety blah blah....Who's "us," Father?

You'll not be surprised to see the names of Fr. Reese, Ms. Cahill, and some has-beens from Catholic Campaign for Human Development--which has funded all sorts of abortion-connected Alinskyite cells around the country.

These folks, most of whom are educated beyond their intelligence, attempt to paint "Catholicism" as opposed to the responsible exercise of the Second Amendment, and as Morrissey observes, don't know their prudential judgment from a hole in the ground.

So which family are you pushing this week, Father?


jimspice said...

Ya know, if teh gays are gonna spend an eternity in hell, couldn't you, as the caring, feeling individual we all know you to be, grant them just a bit of happiness here on earth?

Dad29 said...

Have you condemned them to Hell, Jim? I didn't.

And your idea of 'happiness' is....lacking.

Al said...

Besides the names you mentioned I saw some of the usual suspects from the dissent gang.
James Salt - NETWORK
Sr. Simone - NETWORK
Sr. Florence -LCWR
for example
& we know how Pro-life they have not been when it comes to abortion.

jimspice said...

Come on D. You and I don't have condemning power. Only the Big Guy can do that. You and I can only recognize, which dead people are in Hell. And that would include all persons who participated in anal sex (gay or straight, but doubly so for gay) more recently than they had participated in Confession. Right?

Anonymous said...
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Dad29 said...


Theologically, the only certainty about condemnation to Gehenna is that we do not KNOW who is there.

We can only know--with certainty--that some have put their soul at grave risk.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dad29, perhaps the Christian in you could find a way to delete the homosexual messages of your deranged, drunken anony admirer rather than continue to provide a forum. Otherwise, you are tacitly condoning the anony's conduct. Talk about putting your soul at risk. Oh, the irony.

Anonymous said...

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Garry Wills' new book? He's about to blow the lid off the catholic priesthood and demonstrate why it's a creation of the early church in contradiction of scripture. When you basic tenets are based on falsehood, where does that leave your social commentary? Oh this is rich! And of course dad will be unable to refute it.

Dad29 said...

Gary Wills will prove that, eh?

This will be rich.