Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mo' Gummint Fail #665,779

The "Mo' Gummint" bunch are, by and large, idiots.

...According to E Magazine, the “Clunkers” program, which is officially known as the Car Allowance Rebates System (CARS), produced tons of unnecessary waste while doing little to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

...many of the “Cash for Clunkers” cars were never sent to recycling facilities. The agency reports that the cars’ engines were instead destroyed by federal mandate, in order to prevent dealers from illicitly reselling the vehicles later.

The remaining parts of each car could then be put up for auction, but program guidelines also required that after 180 days, no matter how much of the car was left, the parts woud be sent to a junkyard and shredded.

...E Magazine states recycling just the plastic and metal alone from the CARS scraps would have saved 24 million barrels of oil. While some of the “Clunkers” were truly old, many of the almost 700,000 cars were still in perfectly good condition....quoted at AmSpecBlog

Too bad, so sad.  


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the primary goal of the CFC to get people buying new cars to stimulate the economy.

Dan said...

Apparently, you didn't read the news when Clash for Clunkers was being implemented, anon.
The main reason was environmental, to get the old, gas guzzling cars off the roads.
But please read the newspapers and other news sources, you may learn something.

Anonymous said...

The main reason? I don't think so. Stimulating the economy was the main reason. I read many sources at the time.

Anonymous said...

Vegas Dan can't comprendo multiple objectives. But then he's spending most of his time at the Mustang Ranch. Hopefully he's wearing his Trojans.

John Foust said...
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Saint Revolution said...

The Cash For Clunkers complete fiduciary waste lunacy existed for one covert reason... shovel even more taxpayer dollars to the corrupt auto industry and its corrupt unions via a sham facade "feel good to help my America" pirouette invented by a know-absolutely-nothing-about-economics OTrauma administration making sure Soetoro and his rhumba continued to not allow another government/WallStreet/freemason engineered crisis go to waste.

As absolutely moronic as the trillion dollar coin.

THESE are the ideas emanating from the "decision makers" running America.

Beyond unbelievable.

I could obtain better brainstorming by querying an psychotic mentally ill inpatient...which, by the by, describes the MF SCOAMF POTUS I guess this IS the best to be expected from the delusionist-in-chief.