Wednesday, January 02, 2013

McConnell: The Engineer of US Bankruptcy

Mirengoff has the rundown:

Let’s step back and consider the impact of McConnell’s deals on the valiant effort of House Republicans in 2011 to use the debt-ceiling to attack the debt. So far, the results are as follows: (1) the debt ceiling was raised, (2) the debt continued to soar, (3) the latest McConnell-brokered deal will increase, rather than decrease, the debt, and (4) taxes are about to go up.

There are extenuating circumstances, to be sure — most notably the 2012 election. But they are insufficient to explain how the Democrats have thus far been able to turn the debt-ceiling battle of 2011 so decisively to their advantage. 

It’s a tribute to McConnell’s skill that John Boehner seems to be taking most of the heat over the latest deal.

Well--that last point is true, but then Boehner doesn't know "conservative" from zits, either.

DeMint and Erickson are right.  McConnell and his ilk is the fifth column in this country.

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