Friday, January 11, 2013

Mo' Big Gummint!!

While it's impossible to put A.G. "Dairy King" Van Hollen in the same class of "Mo' Gummint" as is the following example, it's amazing how similar the results are.

More than 20 million American children have gone through [Head Start], which is designed to impart parenting skills to parents, and cognitive, emotional, and health improvements to children. Over the years, the program has cost $180 billion. For the second time in two years, a Congressionally mandated study of the Health and Human Services program has shown it does not work.

...and neither do 112 former employees of Golden Guernsey.

But Mo' Gummint rolls on..... 


Anonymous said...

Hey, St. Revolution, how's your pal Mohamed El-Erian, the billionaire Harvard graduate Islamic bankster (!), whom you claimed that this man’s ideas “makes the most sense”--even though they have been designated as un-American, radical, communist, etc.?

So before you start pointing fingers at others, take a hard look at your "heroes".

El-Erian cites the Muslim view that interest, or riba, should be illegal–even though his company PIMCO makes billions of dollars a year on interest payments.

El-Erian touts the Arab Spring as a “secular” movement, saying: This is not a movement that can be derailed by diversionary tactics seeking either to blame foreign involvement or to threaten the alternative of a repressive Islamic theocracy.

Of the Occupy Wall Street movement, El-Erian states: A peaceful drive for greater social justice [such as Occupy Wall Street] can unify people from diverse cultural backgrounds, political affiliations, religions, and social classes.

El-Erian calls for rational visa and immigration policies, reforming housing finance through stricter government regulations, and more stimulus money to rebuild our infrastructure.

Saint Revolution said...

Which liberal snow job web source did your 100 IQ anus cut/paste THAT horseshit from 'cuz I KNOW you're too fucking stupid to come up with it yourself?!

Designated as "un-American"?! By who?! You and your merry band of two-bit liberalocratic blogger hacks futilely trying to ComBox break coservative weblog sites?!

You're so goddamn transparent I can see you from here...literally.

Can you spittle, "...proxy better...".

Liberal steaming pile armpit licker semen sucker.

Anonymous said...

It's up to you, St. Revolution, to offer counter arguments, rather than provide juvenile statements.

Anonymous said...

Run away now, Saint.

Saint Revolution, The Ultimate said...

Your ADD preventing you from reading an entire sentence?

I'll repeat...for your hippocampi challenged cognizance: "... which liberal snow job web source..." blah, blah, blah.


...and use what little peanut brain you've been given when you read my ComBox postings.

Don't make me repeat myself and spell it out for you, Beaver.

Don't waste my time.

A year ago I have to educate you on citing sources and parliamentary procedure RE: debate and argumentation. Now all you do for defensive posturing is rote repeat back to me my remonstrations to you.

You constantly plagiarize the spirit of my prose and the spirit of my wit in your pathetic feeble written retorts.

Your arguments and counter-arguments are rote automaton regurgitation cuts/pastes of others' intuitive passionate displays of intelligence.

Do you EVER think for yourself?!


Gad, you are pathetic...and you choose to be über-liberal besides.

Holy crap can I smell the stench of mediocrity and failure even from here...

I'll are the worst ARE the weakest link.

Scheißkopf arschloch.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, please note that whenever St. Revolution is caught with his pants down, he resorts to the same tired tactics--assume anything that counters his thoughts is from a liberal source and therefore deemed unworthy of comment.

It is a fact that El-Erian works for the Obama Administration. You make it well-known of your disdain for anything Obama, yet you insist that El-Erian, a Muslim banker, is an individual that everyone should listen to. An interesting dilemma on your part, St. Revolution.

I suggest you sack up and explain yourself.