Friday, January 18, 2013

Conservative Stuff From a College Prof?

Egads.  This woman has endangered her job.

"Today, the medicalisaton of deviant behaviour has made it difficult for us to accept notions of "evil". Nancy J Herman, associate professor of sociology at Central Michigan University, notes that "the diminution of religious imagery of sin, the rise of determinist theories of human behaviour, and the doctrine of cultural relativity" have led further to the exclusion of "evil" from our discourse."

"I want to remind the US and the world of one thing: evil is about choice. Sickness is about the absence of choice."  --quoted at Arms/Law

It is a Progressive Doctrine that technology (or medications, or psychiatry) will eradicate evil.  In part that's due to the atheism, or practical atheism, of the Progressives. But that part is foundational.  Without the Judaeo-Christian understanding of man-as-fallen, there is no reason to accept the historical record.

And there is no bar to "treating" the "mentally ill," however one chooses to define it.  Thus the Progressive gulags of both Hitler and Stalin, as Grim reminds us.


Anonymous said...

Horse shit.

schmenz said...

Very interesting piece. I have often tried to warn my Catholic friends against accepting the notion - as even some Church leaders now do - that we all have some kind of "sexual orientation". That is a clever phrase because there it sounds so believable, when in fact it is nothing of the kind. No one is "oriented" toward the homosexual vice any more than they are "oriented" toward murder, theft or wife beating. These are things that are chosen; we are not born with specific degenerate tendencies. We are born sinners, no more, no less.

Thanks for posting the article.