Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paul Ryan: Huh??

What the hell does this mean?

“We’re discussing the possible virtue of a short-term debt limit extension so that we have a better chance of getting the Senate and the White House involved in discussions in March,” Ryan, R-Wis., revealed during an off-camera discussion with reporters tracking the retreat. “What we want to achieve at the end of the day is a two-way discussion between Democrats and Republicans and, out of that, hopefully, some progress being made on getting this deficit and debt under control – because we really do believe that our obligation is to help prevent a debt crisis from hitting this country.”

...... “Our goal is to make sure that our members understand all of the deadlines that are coming, all the consequences of those deadlines that are coming, in order so that we can make a better-informed decision about how to move and how to proceed,” said Ryan--Hot Air quoting Yahoo!News

One suspects that the real Conservatives have backed the BoehnerBunch into a corner here.  Ryan's circumlocution (should we say "obtusity"?) tells me that there's no consensus whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

What it tells you is that your extreme wingnut positions aren't espoused even by your congressional heroes. Who's out of touch - you or Paul Ryan?

Dad29 said...

Umnnhhhhh....I don't think you read his remarks correctly.

It looks to me as though Ryan (and Boehner--the "leader") cannot muster up enough support for ANY position, hard- or soft-line.

Has nothing to do with "in touch", as the juveniles in the MSM will slobber over the airwaves. It has to do with .....ya know.....votes.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: AnnSteamingPile 1/17/2013 9:46 PM:

It's an "extreme wingnut position" to want to STOP SPENDING MONEY THAT SIMPLY DOESN'T EXIST?!

As per usual, you are one fucking MEATHEAD...dead from the neck up.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: AnnSteamingPile 1/17/2013 9:40 PM:

Anonymous said...

Great to see they installed dial up at the state sanitarium.