Friday, January 11, 2013

Van Hollen Essays on Inadequate Sentencing

Our AG is a Gummint Guy, ya' know.  So he likes Mo' Gummint.

But it's difficult to read his "Mo' Gummint" essay seriously when he begins with an example demonstrating the utter fecklessness of Gummint.

In June 2000, an unknown assailant sexually assaulted a woman in a Madison parking ramp. The Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Crime Laboratory Bureau’s (CLB) DNA databank, which contains DNA profiles from convicted felons, did not contain a DNA profile that matched the unknown rapist’s DNA recovered during the rape investigation.

Following felony convictions in 2010, officials obtained a DNA specimen from Christopher R. Golden and uploaded it to the DNA databank, generating a hit on the 2000 sexual assault that ultimately led to his conviction for sexual assault.

Unfortunately, these convictions were not Golden’s first contact with the law.  In 1994, Golden was arrested for a felony child abuse offense and was subsequently convicted of misdemeanor battery and intimidation of a witness.

So a guy who was nailed for battery and intimidation was in slam for less than 6 years--and because of Gummint's failure to properly incarcerate the slimebucket, what we really need is Mo' Gummint?


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