Thursday, January 03, 2013

Megna, Fallone Are In SCOWI Race

This will be fun to watch.

Both Vince Megna and Ed Fallone have filed enough signatures to run for SCOWI.

In all likelihood, Fallone will run to the right of Megna (even though they are similarly Left-inclined.) 

Fallone will have the Democrat Party's machinery behind him, as noted by Lakeshore.  That means that Fallone has a fat source of funds, too--and unless Megna wants to spend a whole lot of his personal fortune, he's not likely to prevail.

The fact that the Dem Party of Wisconsin has more-or-less anointed Fallone leaves Megna and his supporters in the position that Eric Hovde and his supporters were in during the Senate primary.  Megna won't necessarily like that comparison (nor Hovde), but the Party Elders have wrinkled their noses at him.


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