Friday, January 04, 2013

SCOAMF's Recovery

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Four years of this Stuttering Clusterf*** Of A Miserable Failure's "Stimulus" and we have Tennessee Ernie's .'...another day older and deeper in debt...'

A LOT deeper. 


Saint Revolution said...

The election was stolen, not won...

New Normal - Low Growth, Few Jobs

Honey, We've Shrunk The Grand Bargain

Dysfunction And Polarization...

...and then there were three: Muhamed El-Erian, Nouriel Roubini, Harry Dent...the three making the most sense no one is listening to...

BY DESIGN: because of the purposefully engineered dysfunction and complete purposeful uselessness of D.C., the freemason one-world-order money source, our be-hated Fed (Central Bank), is wielding unprecedented power from which freemason one-world Wall Street takes its marching orders.

You gotta be skull-fucked-blind not to see the plan in motion.

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Anonymous said...

St. Revolution, per usual, is delusional. First, he links to a radical Jew--a Zionist, of all people--who’s work merely speculates on a list of preconceived “facts”. That is, the author makes her own interpretations from a set of data procured from one-sided sources regarding supposed relationships, chance encounters, and alleged conversations. Journalistic hackism at its finest.

Second, in the irony of ironies, St. Revolution links to the work of Mohamed El-Erian, a billionaire Harvard graduate Islamic bankster (!), whom St. Revolution claims that this man’s ideas “makes the most sense”--even though they have been designated as un-American, radical, communist, etc.

El-Erian cites the Muslim view that interest, or riba, should be illegal–even though his company PIMCO makes billions of dollars a year on interest payments.

El-Erian touts the Arab Spring as a “secular” movement, saying: This is not a movement that can be derailed by diversionary tactics seeking either to blame foreign involvement or to threaten the alternative of a repressive Islamic theocracy.

Of the Occupy Wall Street movement, El-Erian states: A peaceful drive for greater social justice [such as Occupy Wall Street] can unify people from diverse cultural backgrounds, political affiliations, religions, and social classes.

El-Erian calls for rational visa and immigration policies, reforming housing finance through stricter government regulations, and more stimulus money to rebuild our infrastructure.

A St. Revolution!