Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Memo to Hildebeeste: It Makes NO Difference

Caught at NRO:

...$15,000,000,000,000 has been spent by the federal and state governments on 122 separate welfare programs since 1964, according to a Cato analysis. The poverty rate in 1964 was 19 percent and falling. Nearly 50 years later, the rate is still more than 15 percent and climbing. What difference, at this point, does trillions in welfare spending make?

... The department [of education] was created in 1980 for the express purpose of improving U.S. students’ academic performance. Since then, per pupil K-12 spending has increased (in constant dollars) from approximately $6,000 annually to $12,500. Hundreds of billions have been spent by the department since 1980, yet the scores for the nation’s 17-year-olds on the National Assessment of Educational Progress — called “the nation’s report card” — have remained unchanged, and U.S performance is slipping relative to other nations

...Hundreds of billions have been spent on [Head Start], but recent studies show it does nothing for the cognitive abilities of kids enrolled in the program, with any transient benefits disappearing by the time the kids reach third grade

Ummmnnnhhhh, yes.  So at this point in time, let's dump those budget-suckers into the ocean.  They haven't made a difference, unlike Hildebeeste's utter failure at Benghazi--which made QUITE a difference in the lives of four US families.  A permanent difference.


Anonymous said...

Did we fire the SecofState over 9/11? That made a difference in over 3,000 US families. A permanent difference.

Jim said...

Actually the person to fire became SecState immediately after the person who was SecState on 9/11.

Dad29 said...

Wallowing in dumbness--and rejoicing over your condition, both of you.

Dad29 said...

"When a foreign head of state receives the credentials of the senior emissary of the United States, he might carelessly assume that the chap surely has a line of communication back to the government he represents. For six centuries or so, this has been the minimal requirement for functioning inter-state relations. But Secretary Clinton has just testified that, in the government of the most powerful nation on earth, there is no reliable means by which a serving ambassador can report to the cabinet minister responsible for foreign policy. And nobody cares: What difference does it make?" --Mark Steyn

"Yes, I didn't read those cables. I'm too damn busy" --Hildebeeste Clinton

Anonymous said...

Yet people who like to think of themselves as Americans Support the bitch.

Anonymous said...

I bet you like to think of yourself as an American, too. If you hate Americans, you ain't one.

Anonymous said...

The Condibeest should have been fired for allowing 3,000 US families to lose loved ones due to her incompetence. But in dad's world, being stupid warrants promotion to higher positions.

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