Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Gun Shop

Went to the gun shop yesterday to see what there was to see.

Arrived around 11:45.  There were 8-10 customers at the counter and 6 on the range. 

There was one AR on the display rack.  I was told that it's the last one they have.

The showcases which normally held around 20-25 pistols were empty, and I was told that the hardware had been sold out and that 'the back room' stock was also at zero.

The self-defense/Wisconsin CCL instructor is booked solid until mid-February.  No openings at all.



Tim Morrissey said...

Be careful, Dad29, be very careful. What you have posted here could easily be interpreted as "news". (All but the very last word of the post.) If you're not careful, one of those big-time outfits like Drudge or Slate are going to start asking you to write for pay.

Mr. Tastic said...

I visited two establishments yesterday, both in outlying cities; Neither had any ARs on hand and didn't know when the next would be available.

What was the price tag on the last AR you saw?

Jim said...

All these weapons have been confiscated...

by preppers.

Unknown said...

Good thing some of us have been taking your advice since before you started giving it. BUY MORE AMMO

Dad29 said...

Well, Tim, if it's actually "news" then the Madistan Red Rag/CapSlimes should pay for it as well, no?

FWIW, I've been in that shop regularly until about 3 years ago. I have NEVER seen so many people shopping at 11:45 AM. Usually, (IIRC) there were 2 or 3 shoppers and a couple of hangers-on (like me).