Friday, January 18, 2013

West Point Nutbag Essay

This shouldn't come as a surprise, given the C-in-C we have.

A West Point think tank has issued a paper warning America about “far right” groups such as the “anti-federalist” movement, which supports “civil activism, individual freedoms and self-government.”

...It says anti-federalists “espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights. Finally, they support civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government.


...The report also draws a link between the mainstream conservative movement and the violent “far right,” and describes liberals as “future oriented” and conservatives as living in the past.

....because all those "old things"--like, e.g., the 10 Commandments--are simply inadequate, right?

And, of course, the intellectualoid links 'the right' to racists.  Surprisingly, there are no linkages to sexists and homophobes.


Anonymous said...

Well, yeah, this is coming from those lib-tards at West Point.

jimspice said...

"...the intellectualoid links 'the right' to racists."

Where DO we come up with those silly ideas?

"Gun Appreciation Day Is Sponsored By A White Nationalist Party"