Thursday, January 03, 2013

Another Little Problem With ObozoCare

Surprise!  The box of chocolates has another soured-cream bite!

In a long-awaited interpretation of the new health care law, the Obama administration said Monday that employers must offer health insurance to employees and their children, but will not be subject to any penalties if family coverage is unaffordable to workers.  --JustOneMinute quoting NYT

In other words,

The gist is that employers are not obliged to weigh a worker's family status in deciding his total compensation, which makes sense - because the family insurance can cost an extra $10,000 per year, an employer would have a strong incentive to avoid family guys and gals when hiring for lower paying jobs.
Unfortunately, this means that a stay-at-home spouse becomes a tremendous financial burden due to lost federal subsidies; the employed partner's income can make the couple ineligible for Medicaid but the federal subsidy for health insurance may not be available either.


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Anonymous said...

Stay at home spouses typically don't need much medical care as they are shrouded and rarely leave the homes of their evangelical overlords. Besides, they are too busy home schooling their barefoot children and are forbidden from working outside the compound.

Obozocare - embrace it, old boy.