Sunday, October 07, 2012

NYC Folk Are Just Clueless

OMG, what to do?  WHAT to DO????

A turf battle of sorts is taking place in some neighborhoods.

Raccoons are invading.

They’re getting into garbage cans, backyards and even breaking into homes. And what’s more, these resourceful raccoons are outsmarting the most determined of trappers, CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported.
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn resident Susan DeBrango snapped pictures of the suspects, their faces masked, trying to get inside her home.

.....DeBrango said she is organizing a public meeting on Oct. 17, calling it a “Raccoon Summit,” with neighbors, local politicians and raccoon experts. That’s because fighting foes this resourceful means securing trash can lids, bringing cat, dog and bird food inside, and making house repairs to cut them off from cozy places to sleep.

Just clueless.  No wonder NYC votes Democrat.

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