Thursday, October 04, 2012

UW: "Pay Thirty Grand, Get Less!"

We all know why the SCOAMF-in-Chief wants to appear at UW-Madistan.

What we don't know is why UW-Madistan officials rolled over for him.

...The university's lawyers have reached an agreement with the Obama campaign to rent part of the campus for the president's rally and may charge additional costs after the event for services such as electricity and Internet lines, university spokesman Dennis Chaptman said.

The 'base price' for renting the lawn is $15K, which will just about offset the cost of setup/teardown of the podium-stand and other stage-sets.

But if you paid tuition--and room and board--you're getting the short end of the ObozoStick:

The visit is leading the university to close six academic buildings around Bascom Mall for security reasons, and as a result classes and exams in those buildings have to be moved, rescheduled or canceled, said Vince Sweeney, UW-Madison's vice chancellor for university relations. The decision on what to do was left up to individual instructors, he said.

University employees in those buildings will be working with their supervisors to decide whether to work in a different location, shift their work schedule or take a vacation day, Sweeney said.

 The UW also allowed Obama's campaign to harvest name/phone/email addresses of ALL attendees at the event.

So.  Fuggedabout class, lose privacy rights, shut up and pay your tuition!

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Tim Morrissey said...

Would have been EXACTLY the same if Romney had decided to come into the belly of the beast in The People's Republic.

Think it was different at the U of Denver last night, when BOTH were there?

Only difference is, the bill for that was spread among all the taxpayers,via the "Presidential Debate Commission" or whatever it's called.