Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The "Thoughts" of Helicopter Ben Bernanke

Planet Moron did the heavy lifting--reading Bernanke's stupidity-drooling.

...keep in mind, the Fed’s actions are in no way political. In fact, in response to the suggestion that the Fed should stop interfering so aggressively in the markets and allow rates to rise, Mr. Bernanke said:

“Using monetary policy to try to influence the political debate on the budget would be highly inappropriate.”

Exactly. Were the Fed to cease intervening in markets and allow interest rates to float at normal levels so that prices could adjust and markets could go through the painful but efficient process of healing as market-clearing prices are established, it would clearly “influence the political debate” and be “highly inappropriate.” 

In contrast, actively forcing on the markets historically unprecedented low interest rates and running the printing presses so as to purchase government bonds with the express purpose of inflating financial asset prices just one month before a presidential election regardless of the long-term consequences is 100% non-partisan straightforward policy making.

Buy.  More.  Ammo.

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