Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Prayer Is NOT

From our solid Deep South Dominican.

...Let's be as clear as possible here: prayer does nothing—absolutely nothing—to God or for God. He doesn't need our prayer. Our prayer cannot change His mind or influence His disposition towards us. The promises He made to our ancestors in faith have been fulfilled in Christ Jesus and every grace we will ever need has already been bestowed. To believe that prayer elicits a response from God implies that we have some kind of control over His will; that we—His creatures—can alter His will. This idea turns faith into magic and a prayer into a spell. Prayers are not incantations that guarantee us the results we desire. Let's remove from our way of thinking about prayer any notion that we are capable of generating or procuring or guaranteeing a gift from God through prayer. True humility—the basis of all prayer—is achieved through perfect surrender, through total detachment from any thought, word, or deed that suggests we are in charge of the blessings we are given. St. Augustine puts it succinctly, “Man is a beggar before God.

So why all that praying stuff?

Prayer is a tool for turning sinners into saints.

Uhhmmmmhhh....he refers to the REAL end (or goal) of life.  Sorry, folks--that's something the Gummint can't deliver.

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Billiam said...

And since we're all sinners, we pray.