Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Five Questions Lehrer Will NOT Ask

We don't expect Lehrer to ask Romney if he's really a racist/elitist moonbat.

And we don't expect Lehrer to ask Obozo any of the questions posed in this brilliant, concise, and utterly damning column, either.

The column is well worth reading--and storing someplace so your grandchildren can read it, too.  File it under "The Death of Liberty in America."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Malkin should do her homework on Romney

Dad29 said...

1) What does Romney have to do with it? and...

2) Note that the REPUBLICAN PARTY asked for the investigation.

Anonymous said...

"What does Romney have to do with it?"

Everything. Read the story.

"Note that the RETHUGLICAN PARTY asked for the investigation".

They knew the jig was up, they had no choice.