Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Lawman" Mahoney: Typical Madistan

The Sheriff of Dane County exception.

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney says that his department’s order to deputies to ignore possible voter fraud in the county jail is part of a long-standing policy of his department. 

... In Waukesha County, the state’s second most populous county, county jail administrator Mike Giese said that his jail does take steps to stop ineligible felons from voting.

... In Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls said that if an ineligible felon tried to vote through his jail they would make sure they followed the action and caught the inmate.

The breakdown of law and order always---always--begins with "officials," whether judicial, executive, or representative.


Anonymous said...

Start reporting some REAL news, Dad29.

Dad29 said...

You can report that on your own blog.

We repeat: the Pubbies reported the problem themselves.

Unlike Obozo, who reports on movies, not prohlems.