Sunday, October 14, 2012

The State's Interest

A bit of Kirk for Sunday reading.  Herein he explains (in advance) the reason that the Obamunists have attacked the Catholic Church's 1st Amendment rights.

"All history, and especially modern history, is in some sense the account of the decline of community and the ruin consequent upon that loss. In this process, the rise of the modern State has been by far the most powerful influence. ‘The single most decisive influence upon Western social organization has been the rise and development of decentralized territorial state.’ 

....What the state seeks is a tableland upon which a multitude of individuals, solitary though herded together, labor anonymously for the State’s maintenance. Universal military conscription and the ‘mobile labor force’ and the concentration–camp are only the more recent developments of the system. The ‘pulverizing macadamizing tendency of modern history’ which Maitland discerned is been brought to pass, in large part, by ‘the momentous conflicts of jurisdiction between the political State and the social associations line intermediate to it and the individual.’ The same processes may be traced in the history of Greece and of Rome; and the consequence, in the long run, was social ennui and political deaths. All those great gifts of variety, contrast, competition, communal pride, and sympathetic association which characterize man at his manliest are menaced by the ascendancy of the omnicompetent state, resolved for its own security to level the ramparts of traditional community.

Not that the Obamunists were first; one traces Statism back through Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, and (especially) FDR, but its roots lie faintly in Lincoln, with amplification by TR and Wilson.  To a great extent this course is abetted by the 17th Amendment, which neutered State Governments (another intermediary).

It is Benthamism/Utilitarianism run amok.  Ironically, Benthamism and its fellow-traveler (Adam Smith's doctrine of self-interest, the grandfather of Ayn Rand's hero) join hands to demolish intermediaries--and empower the State.

Simple-minded screeds promoting Statism-in-the-name-of-charity are not helpful.  There is a balance-point which can be found with the use of prudence.  But prudence is not part of the makeup of Leftists.


Saint Revolution said...

Frontier Survivalism and its much larger twin Frontier Justice instinctually rudimentally endemically have merit as their "spermatozoa".

The seed of perfection of integrity and virtue, it is only merit that creates and allows self-built self-excellence.

Government, by definition, battles self-excellence in lieu of "the greater good". It is exactly for this reason that government itself must be governed and SEVERELY limited by diligent oversight from the very people governed.

Government will always be a parasitic necessary evil...and never really needed in any total configuration.

Frontier Survivalism and its much larger twin Frontier Justice grant complete governing to the micro-autonomy governing of each individual's decisions for their own lives.

In other words, you get out exactly what you put in.

In other words, merit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, St. Revolution, this ain't the Wild West circa 1880. What you are ultimately advocating is cannibalism on a grand human scale; its cousin, anarchy, meting out injustice based on an individual decision on what constitutes "merit". A person's own designs and appetites are curbed when a group collectively and uniformly decides on what rules govern a society to ensure freedom for one and all. TRUE merit.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: AnonySyphilis 10/15/2012 8:25 PM:

Plagiarizing my metaphors...yet yet yet again.

...and, once again, your achtung bullshit...

Cannibalism?! Anarchy?! What the fuck?! Did wittle Ann wearn some new words today in "special school"?

What the fuck are you puking about?!

Diatribe rhetoric from the hopelessly perpetually confused. stupid stupid bastard: stop trying to appear intelligent. It only obviates your low IQ coupled with your cocksuckeredness.

Does ANYONE know what the fuck this half-witted moron is gurgling?!

Anonymous said...

All those naughty words, St. Revolution, and not one statement that even remotely contradicts my position. Blogging takes work!

Now go take your lithium.

derry rider said...
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