Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Smartest People on Earth? Really??

As you recall, both Hildebeeste Clinton and B Hussein Obama were promoted as 'the smartest people on Earth' because.......well........just because.

When one is that intellectually gifted, it's not necessary to worry about 'normal' stuff.

So they don't.

More than three weeks after attacks in this city killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, sensitive documents remained only loosely secured in the remains of the U.S. mission here on Wednesday, offering visitors easy access to delicate details about American operations in Libya.

Documents detailing weapons collection efforts, emergency evacuation protocols, the full internal itinerary of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s trip and the personnel records of Libyans who were contracted to secure the mission were among the items scattered across the floors of the looted compound when a Washington Post reporter and a translator visited Wednesday.  --RedState quoting WaPo

When you're Sooooooo Smart, only little people (like those Libyans who secured the mission) get killed, or hurt.  When you're Sooooooo Smart, your report on the incident doesn't happen until AFTER the election.

I'll grant you that B Hussein and Hildebeeste are smarter than the MSM.  But that's about all.

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