Monday, October 15, 2012

Mill, Lenin, Abortion, and "Free Trade"

You recall that J. S Mill (and Bentham) were proponents of the 'atomic individual' theories.  In combination, those theories re-appeared in the Lenin/Stalin years; the Communist luminaries proposed that any man could do any job with enough training.  Farming, machining, accounting--they're all the same, ya'know.

And of course, if any man can do any job, he can do it any place in the world!

The same thesis underlies "Free Trade."  Vox Day demonstrates.

....while most of the historical concerns about free trade have revolved around the societal costs of the free movement of goods, it is the free movement of labor that most thoroughly damns free-trade ideology and reveals it to be a utopian evil every bit as dangerous as communism, feminism and globalism. Free-trade advocates often point to the free movement of goods, capital and labor in the domestic economy and ask why the same system cannot work internationally since it works so well within the national borders. The reason is simple: The nation cannot continue to exist if the same degree of labor movement takes place across the borders as it presently does within them...


...[Currently] just under half of all Americans between the ages of 25 and 44, 50.5 percent, still reside in the state in which they were born. This isn’t a big deal to most Americans. After all, the move from Michigan to Florida or from Minnesota to California is generally regarded as a step up in quality of life. But that’s not likely to be true on an international level.

Getting the picture??

...Because the labor cost difference between the U.S. and China is much greater than between Massachusetts and Texas, the pressure on Americans to move abroad in search of jobs would be even greater than presently exists in the domestic market. Enacting the same sort of free-trade regime on an international level as presently exists on the domestic level would require both a) a reduction in the American standard of living to one that is much closer global average, and b) the expatriation of more than 50 percent of young Americans under the age of 35.

So are you prepared to wish bon voyage to your children who are moving to PRChina?  Burma?  Vietnam?  Along with the tax revenues they will generate?

The Free Traders know it:

 Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas. He told the House of Lords committee migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states.

(The fact that he's a Goldie is only frosting on the cake.)

No Conservative can possibly embrace global free trade, any more than they can embrace free abortion.  The results are identical (mutatis mutandis).  Nonetheless, Gummints and Randian Industrialists will blather on and on about the "benefits," aided by such as Sutherland.

That apple is poisoned, Snow White. 


Grim said...

That's an interesting point. I went to China, for a while. It was economically a great decision: living costs were low, while my skills as a native English speaker alone were enough to earn well above the local average.

But to send your child to China forever, to live at the wages that suffer there, because it is the true minimum that the market will support? Ah, that is another question.

Saint Revolution said...

Of course the apple is poisoned.

The one world order freemasons need to migrate people like cattle. The one-worlders need to engineer forced economies to compel sheople where the fms want the sheople to go.

A "redistribution" of human "resources" allows the fm'ers to weaken otherwise strong geographical points of the world...a typical submission strategy.


Peter Sutherland

He's a fucking apostate hypocrite "Catholic" freemason.

He's Gold[Free]Ma[so]n Sucks.

He's on the steering committee of the bilderberg group.

He's an honorary chairman of the trilateral commission

He was chairman of the trilateral commission Europe.

He's been offered top jobs at the u.n.

He's been commissioner for the eu, the European sub-pre-order of the final one world order.

He's been chairman of the advisory council to the director general of the WTO world trade organization.

He's been called, "the father of globalization".

Et cetera.

He's sodomized by satan himself.

Oh, and, ( LMAO ) he calls himself Irish Catholic.

...and for those of you TRUE Catholics who KNOW how fucked up The Vatican is, this fucking fraud Sutherland, on 05 December 2006, was appointed as Consultor Of The ExtraOrdinary Section Of The Administration Of The Patrimony Of The Apostolic See (i.e., a financial fraudviser to The Vatican)...another, "what was he thinking" Benedictianism.

Goldman Sachs = freemason university...where all the good little piggies with their curly tails, red pitchforks, and cloven hooves are taught how to control the world and then set free upon to re-create Megiddo.

Peruse other Saint Revolution Dad29 blog comments here.

Anonymous said...

Opposing banksters and (promoting conspiracy theories), eh, St. Revolution? I wouldn't talk, you're in bed with one.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, a former banker/investor. 25 years experience. According to Timmy, we NEVER trust them. EVER.

In 1995, Corsi and a business partner convinced 20 Minnesota investors to give him money for Polish investments. That money disappeared and the FBI was called in to investigate. Though they did not find enough evidence to charge Corsi, several investors sued him, winning their court cases.
But they weren’t able to collect from Corsi. He had reportedly transferred all his assets and funds to his wife’s name.

Corsi is a conspiracy theorist's wet dream. So easily duped, Timmy.
And here are Dr. Corsi's "pals".

He's also a plagiarist.

And his birther book was pulled.

Counter with evidence, Timmy, to refute. Remember, blogging takes work!

derry rider said...
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Saint Revolution said...

HEY: (C)Ann(t) 10/19/2012 6:06 PM:

Cutting and pasting, word for word, your old hersheysquirts combox crapola that wasn't worth responding to the first time isn't blogging.

Now let me repeat my former combox text: are the worst are the weakest link.

Anonymous said...

Sure, St. Revolution, it's not worth responding on your part because you'd be forced to admit that your hero is a charlatan.

Here's another instance of the snake oil salesman at work.

Again, counter with evidence, to refute the source material. Remember, blogging takes work! Cite your sources.