Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tammy Ultra-Lefty


She's so far to the Left that 80% of the entire House of Representatives votes against her "plan."

...[the People's Budget] gives a sense of how things would be if liberals ran the world: no cuts in Social Security benefits, government-negotiated Medicare drug prices, and increased income and Social Security taxes for the wealthy. Corporations and investors would be hit with a variety of new fees and taxes. And the military would face a shock-and-awe accounting: a 22 percent cut in Army soldiers, 30 percent for the Marines, 20 percent for the Navy and 15 percent for the Air Force. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would end, and weapons programs would go begging.  --Trackers quoting Milbank

Not even the SCOAMF would sign on to this one. 

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