Friday, October 05, 2012

Microsoft v. US Workers

More of the same, from Matloff, as usual.

Microsoft recently made a dramatic full-court PR press for expanding the H-1B program, proposing a $10K user fee per visa, on top of current fees, to fund educational measure to remedy a supposed labor shortage in
the computer area.

That presentation was made at the Brookings Institution.

1.  There is no labor shortage in the computer field.

2.  Microsoft could fill many, if not all, of its openings with highly-qualified Americans.

3.  Microsoft has once again misrepresented their salary structure.

4.  It's time that the press started questioning the role of Brookings in the H-1B/green card issue.

Other than that, the presentation was just fine.

Oh, yah--Brookings.

...why has Brookings been holding so many conferences on H-1B and employer-sponsored green cards, all with a pro-industry bent?  Why in particular have Microsoft speakers featured prominently in the last two
of these events?  See

Here is the likely answer, an article titled "The fine print: Brookings study on Google-DoubleClick deal funded by Microsoft," at

All just coincidence, of course.


Saint Revolution said...

Let's start right at the top.

America's recent first CIO (that's Chief Information Officer) ever: Vivek Kundra.

A hadji.

An appointed complete failure.

And what do complete know-nothing hadji failures do after sopping up taxpayer dollars in overpaid government jobs?

Harvard hires ' teach failure and parasite techniques.

Vivek: shut your fucking hadji-fraud know-nothing cow-hole, cumin breath.

This is closer than you know.

Saint Revolution said...

This is what you get from hadjis, aided by corrupt US politicians, stealing Americans' STEM jobs:

Insider co-worker comments RE: Vivek Kundra:

"...Friday, June 24, 2011. Margaret. Washington, DC: Please...finally he is leaving. Can you give me one thing he has implemented. All I have seen of him is his travel agenda and just talking. This position is just a smoke screen and to make citizens think we are doing something and safe. Maybe one of the 85 czars can replace him. Of by the way, what are they doing?..."

"...Friday, June 17, 2011. FJ: Rats leaving the ship..."

"...Friday, June 17, 2011. DC: Creating 25 point plans and promising savings are the easy part. Too bad he decided to depart before results come in and proposed savings/transformation is realized. Vivek now can avoid being held accountable. This is all too common in the public sector where the change agent departs before the results are tallied. Harvard is a perfect next step. For years to come he can lecture others about how things should be done without being accountable..."

As always, SR says: taxes: subsidizing your own demise.

Anonymous said...

What do you propose, St. Revolution, to change this situation...regulations (gasp)?