Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obozo's Big Bird Foreign Policy

It's no wonder that Obozo likes Big Bird; the oversized yellow "let's all get along" avis is the role model for Obozo's foreign "policy."

Too bad that Big Bird wants to get along with the bullies, too, eh?

...Where Ukraine may be playing a very weak hand in its dealings with Russia, with a steadfast United States by its side the prognosis is much better. With the EU brought in, suddenly Russia is the weaker party. 

Leadership, however, is not something this White House has demonstrated. Neither has it demonstrated itself to have any clear set of policies in dealing with Vladimir Putin other than dropping trou on command. Sadly, this is a pattern of behavior on the part of this regime. Our friends are nervous because they’ve seen how the rug was pulled out from under the Czech Republic and Poland based on the objectives of a strategic rival. They’ve seen how Hosni Mubarak was thrown under the bus and Egypt turned over the muslim extremists. They’ve watched Qaddafi’s brutal and unnecessary death and the turning over of Libya to muslim extremists. This is foreign policy by press release...

In the real world, bullies win unless they get smacked--hard.  Big Bird, Ernie, and Bert aren't role models for realpolitik.

But they are for Obozo.


James Pawlak said...

I call it treason.

Anonymous said...

And I call you nuts, James!

All I hear are complaints about American foreign policy on this here blog, but no specific solutions.

"In the real world, bullies win unless they get smacked--hard."

Calling Bill Kristol, calling Bill Kristol.

Anonymous said...

And the Ken Doll has a foreign policy different from Obozo? Puh-leeze. The Mormon apostate preferred by conservative catholics can't even agree with himself.

Shake the Exo Sketch and bring back the neo-cons.

Saint Revolution said...

Israel abandoned.

Severe mideast being consumed by post revolution extremist islam versus seating democracy.

OMuhAllah declares he's Christian?


Foreign apathy and non-action towards and for Israel coupled with ignoring mideast extreme expansionism is BY DESIGN.

OTowelHeadAndFullDiaper is an American-hating Catholic-hating covert-planning diabolical muslim motherfucking son of a bitch late for the treasonous traitor gallows poles.

Can you say delusions-of-grandeur "president nobody" thinks he can covertly plan an American theocracy?

Can you say Holy Wars?

Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici.

Anonymous said...

Who is this nut?

Anonymous said...

"Severe mideast being consumed by post revolution extremist islam versus seating democracy."

Egypt, Syria, and Libya were "democracies", St. Revolution? And you call yourself an intellect, ha!

Israel is more than capable of taking care of its own problems and security, thank you very little.

The only extremist is YOU, St. Revolution.

derry rider said...
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