Friday, October 05, 2012

Cartels Still Alive and Kicking in Wisconsin

Had lunch with a pal today who gave me the news that the Labor/Management/Municipal cartels are hard at work.

Seems that the new proposal being pushed Statewide is to require licenses for low-voltage wire-stringers.  That category happens to include ANYONE who strings telephone wires, computer cables, or sound-system wire.

The municipals are happy, because it means more license-revenues.

The Managements are happy because licensing will reduce competition.  (Think "barber" license.)

And Labor is happy because of BOTH reasons above.

Of course, the consumer--unaware of the Major Safety Hazard of computer cable, sound cable, and telephone wire--will pay for it.

Feel safer now?


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Much. /sarc

Anonymous said...

Until there is a source detailing the MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD for consumers, then this post is bogus.

Dad29 said...

We have a new BozoNony!!

...and it appears that IT is the new Safety Hazard....

When it learns how to read, that label may be revoked.

Anonymous said...

Dad29 enjoys making s**t up. No source? Come on, prove us all wrong. Blogging takes work!