Friday, October 05, 2012

California Gas Facts the MSM Doesn't Mention

Since the news about $5.00++ gas prices in California came out, I've thought that Obozo could lose that State.  Turns out that there's something to that.

...California has its own special blend of gasoline for environmental reasons that are now largely obsolete.  This means that California can’t use the gasoline blends sold in Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona, which means that a refinery shortage here can’t be remedied by the usual means of bringing in more supply from somewhere else. 

But President Obama could order the EPA to waive the gasoline regulations, and allow out-of-state gasoline to be transported and sold in California, delivering at least 10 to 20 cents a gallon of price relief, and perhaps much more.

The Smartest President Evaaaahhhhh!  hasn't figured this out yet?

HT:  PowerLine

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Anonymous said...

Jerry Brown already addressed that, cheese nutter. I thought we didn't want federal interference in state's issues....