Monday, October 08, 2012

Egads. Romney Blows the FurrinPolc'y Speech

If Romney only knew the history of Afghanistan....

...Romney also said he might not be so quick to pull troops out of the unpopular war in Afghanistan. Obama has pledged to end the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 as part of NATO's plan to hand over security responsibility to Afghan forces.

Romney said he would pursue a transition to Afghan security forces by that time but would evaluate conditions there before making a final decision to pull out.

Sorry, folks, that's just moronic.  You could ask the (former) USSR, the last superpower to attempt 'taming' those guys.

...Romney pledged that his administration would work to find elements of the Syrian opposition who share U.S. values and ensure they obtain weapons needed to defeat President Bashir al-Assad's forces.

Really?  Western-valued Syrians?  That would mean people of  the Judaeo-Christian persuasion, right?  Are there three of them in Syria?

It's a given that Obozo's foreign "policy" is ass-over-teakettle akimbo no-plan/no-how/no-where.

But Wilsonianism?  Even worse.


Billiam said...

Sounds like a neocon.

Jim said...

Uh, yeah!? Have you read his list of foreign policy advisers? Reads like a roll call for the Iraq invasion cheerleader squad.

Anonymous said...

A neocon and a RINO. Thanks for voting for Romney, everyone! Good night...