Thursday, June 28, 2012

Idiots Combine With Morons: "Cellulosic" Ethanol

You can figure out who are the idiots, and who are the morons.  (Hint:  they all share one employer:  the US Government.)

Scores of companies have received federal loans and grants from President Obama’s 2009 “stimulus” to manufacture an experimental fuel called cellulosic ethanol, which has not been successfully produced in the U.S. and might not even work.

The fuel, which is supposed to come from wood chips, was first pushed and funded by the George W. Bush administration.

Here's where the other half comes into play:

Despite the fact that no company has been able to produce the fuel, Congress previously passed a law imposing mandates on oil companies to mix the non-existent cellulosic fuel into gasoline.
Some companies have even been fined by the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to use the non-existent fuel.

And you wonder why companies "outsource"?


Anonymous said...

Cellulosic ethanol was first manufactured in Germany in 1898. It has been manufactured all over the world for almost 100 years. Several million gallons per year have been manufactured in the US since 2008.

Dad29 said...

Not as defined under the terms of the post, wacko.

Anonymous said...

Your post doesn't define any terms, moron.

arman said...
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