Thursday, June 28, 2012

Logic Flaws 101: Harsanyi

Harsanyi claims to be intellectually superior.

Outsourcing has been successfully lowering costs, creating better jobs and spreading wealth since ... well, since the Persians hired Greek mercenaries to do their pillaging. So why are we always knocking it?

What that historical reference tells you is this:  the Persians couldn't handle it themselves.  (And war is not a good comparo to economics, but that's another "innerlekshl" mental deficiency.)

"Outsourcers" do what they do because of cost-differentials.  The US Congress and the several States have managed, over 100 years or so, to create so many regulatory and tax burdens on domestic economic activity that very few firms can operate profitably here.

Instead of remedying the tax-and-reg problem OR establishing offsetting tariffs, policymakers simply ignore the problem, thus exporting US wealth to 3rd-world countries.

International socialism.  Harsanyi loves it.  And he calls himself "conservative."

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