Friday, June 01, 2012

"Doh" of WISDOT Costs Money


...The DOT explained that building the Highway 83/59 roundabout as part of the Highway 83 reconstruction project was a long and complicated process, and that at the time, every portion of the project, roundabout included, was built to the most current design standards available. However, Highway 59 has since been designated an oversize/overweight (OSOW) route, causing "lowboy" trucks to have trouble traversing the roundabout. To accommodate this type of semi-truck, the DOT is modifying the current design.

Well, yah, but:

...Genesee Chairwoman Sharon Leair said that during the meeting, Town Supervisor Charlie Ross stated that the issue of the roundabout not accommodating OSOW trucks was brought up at a meeting prior to the construction.

Oh.  You mean that WISDOT acted in its usual manner--ignoring everyone's input but its own?

Sorry, folks.  They still don't know what that will cost.  And it certainly will NOT cost any WISDOT managers their jobs.  Nope.

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