Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lefties: Against It Then, For It Now (the Mandate)

There's lots of noise about the Heritage Foundation's "pro-mandate" boner.

Not so much noise about the Lefties (like H R Clinton).

When federal judge Roger Vinson ruled the individual mandate unconstitutional in early 2011, law professor Karl Manheim took to the airwaves and declared it “radical decision” that represents “a resurrection of the old states’ rights, Southern right argument.”

Got that? You’re probably for Jim Crow, or even slavery if you’re against the individual mandate.


But that's now.  Look back a few years and find what the Perfessor/Innerlekshul wrote in '04:

Americans do have a constitutional right to live in the United States. Accordingly, neither federal nor state governments can require you to purchase health insurance as a “condition” for residency. The Supreme Court has drawn a distinction between requirements that are flat-out imposed by government and those imposed as a condition for discretionary benefits.


HT:  Carney

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