Monday, June 04, 2012

A Dirtball Obama Appointee? NLRB Member? Gracious!

News not necessarily reported elsewhere.

On Saturday, May 26, NLRB Board Member Terence F. Flynn submitted his resignation to President Obama and to Board Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce, bringing an end to two tumultuous months in which Flynn was accused of ethics violations and was threatened with investigations into whether his conduct violated federal law.

The resignation is effective immediately. 

Flynn was sworn in as a board member on January 9, 2012, following his recess appointment. Prior to that controversial appointment, Flynn served as the chief counsel to members Peter Schaumber and Brian Hayes. It was his relationship with Schaumber that brought his board career to a close. Over the last several months, the board’s inspector general issued two reports finding that Flynn had violated board ethics rules by distributing confidential information to private parties, including Schaumber and former member Peter Kirsanow....--CCH News release

A lawyer, eh?  Fancy that.

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