Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The FDR Resurrection

You may remember FDR's 'legal' market-manipulations (echoed by Nixon's 'wage/price controls.') 

They're back!!

...The DSA, and its Supply Management provision, would result in the unprecedented consequence of introducing a new government program designed to limit milk production. With Wisconsin's dairy industry poised for solid growth and job creation, adopting a federal policy that curtails milk production is counterintuitive and would negatively impact Wisconsin's growing dairy and cheese-making industries.

A government-dictated limit on production/supply is completely contrary to America's free-market system and is a direct government intrusion into dairy farmers' businesses and their wallets. Although the supply management program is allegedly voluntary, it most certainly is not. Under the proposed DSA legislation, farmers participating in the risk management or margin insurance portion of the program will be forced to participate in the supply management Program. As a result, Wisconsin farmers will be required to limit their milk production, thereby reducing revenues and causing cheese-makers, dairy processors and related industries to reconsider investing in and expanding their Wisconsin operations out of concern over a consistent milk supply. The binding supply management with margin insurance, places the USDA and the federal government directly between processors and producers, an even more problematic issue.

Did I ever mention Statism here?

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