Friday, June 15, 2012

Remember George Petak?

Some of you remember that George Petak was successfully recalled after breaking a promise and voting to tax Racine County residents for Bud Selig's playground.  (Yes, Tommy Thompson, now billing himself as 'conservative', led that parade....)

Seems that the 'Most Evil People in the US'--according to the Lefties--don't like that sort of corporate welfare.

...Americans for Prosperity describes its policy aims as "limited government and free markets on the local, state, and federal levels." David Koch and his brother Charles are described by his critics as "lifelong libertarians."...

...From the Minnesota Post's Brian Lambert:

Put down your coffee, it’s spit-take time. David Koch — that David Koch — is putting a political hit out on Minnesota legislators who supported the Vikings stadium..

And a couple of those leggies are Republicans.

Wisconsin Pubbies, to this day, defend Petak and note that when he lost his seat--for his treachery--the (D) folk obtained a majority in the State Senate.

Too bad.  Petak and Thompson shoulda thunk of that, instead of their political wallets.


Anonymous said...

WTF's the point of this post?

Dad29 said...

You never really DID get it, didja?

And I ain't telling.