Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Racine Follies: Elections

Well, well.

Thousands of voters who registered at the polls on recall election day in the City of Racine may not have signed the supplemental poll list as required by law, the MacIver News Service has learned.

That would be 2,000 or more.

The "didn't sign" list means, potentially, that 50 people simply ran between all the polling stations, filled out forms, and voted.  With no signature, there will not be a signature comparison.

We're waiting for the howling from the media.  The Waukesha County Clerk lost her job WITHOUT having done anything wrong (stupid, but not wrong.)

The Racine City Clerk?  Incompetent is a kind word; this could be huge vote-fraud.  And on HER WATCH.


Anonymous said...

At worst, it's a clerical error. These voters would have signed a voter registration form at the polling place. This situation does NOT constitute fraud, much less on the level that would change the results of an election. Even the "news agency", i.e. the source you link to, does not claim that ineligible electors were allowed to cast ballots. Besides, the same-day registrants had signed their registration form, so at the very least the clerk received one signature.

Signing the regular poll list is new; it began as a requirement in the February 2012 primary. In the article, the space the attorney mentions is labeled "Notes" in most Wisconsin municipalities. It's easy to not know you need to sign there. New forms replacing the that space with "Signature" have not yet made it to all municipalities. The fact that the same mistake was made many times means it's an easy mistake to make and better procedures and forms are necessary to reduce the likelihood of it occurring.

James Pawlak said...

Having sources in Racine County, it appears that the Obama-Chicago amorality has spilled over the border.

Anonymous said...

Care to provide evidence, James, rather than pure speculation? Or maybe try to refute Anony 12:26 p.m.?

Nah, that takes work on your part.

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