Friday, June 15, 2012

Public Employee Unions, Big Agriculture: Same Difference

Remember how it works?  AFSCME extorts money from taxpayers, then contributes bunches of dues-money to politicians who cooperate with even more extortion.

No different with Big Ag.

...Maybe if the government wouldn’t intervene in the agriculture sector, inducing sharp increases in the price of commodities, many of the 46 million people on food stamps would be able to afford food.

Then again, why would liberal politicians abrogate their source of political power?  They stand to benefit from subsidizing rich sugar farmers and keeping 15% of the country dependent upon the government for food.  The calculus of socialism dictates that a permanent dependency constituency + special interest money = perennial power.

That "15%" number reminds us of Big Ag's Corn-A-Hole-the-Public con, by the way.  Coincidence?

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