Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Bang! Slam! Walker, 3 Pubbie Senators Win.

$18 million taxpayer dollars later, AFSCME and WEAC go down.

Walker by 150,000 over three-time loser Barrett.

Kleefisch by 140,000 over some Madison character who vows to "keep fighting".

Three (R) Senators by large margins.  One (R) Senator loses in a squeaker of around 800 votes.

Will the AFSCME and WEAC finally STFU?


Anonymous said...

Wisconsin has handed Walker a mandate.
Keep doing what you are doing.

GOR said...

AFSCME and WEAC already have less voices for shouting. Per Bloomberg, AFSCME's membership is down by half and AFT by a third.

Amazing what happens when you have a choice about paying union dues!

Anonymous said...

These teachers get some of the best benefits and pensions around, and they're going crazy over a few cuts.

While the rest of the workers in the private market, who pay their salaries, are being laid off or having their relatively lower salaries cut, these parasites are picketing AND GETTING PAYED FOR IT.

Public unions need to go.

What do Government worker need to unionize for? Are they being mistreated and cheated?
Are they being underpaid and are their homes being foreclosed on?


They are living the nice secure life, while the rest of the economy sinks like the Titanic.