Friday, June 15, 2012

That "Racine Election Problem" Is Serious

There's more coming on this, folks.

...Lou D’Abbraccio, an election observer working with conservative local groups, said that he observed a voter attempting to register to vote at the John Bryant Community Center using a handwritten receipt dated June 5, 2012, the day of the election. D’Abbraccio tried unsuccessfully several times to challenge the election workers’ acceptance of the handwritten document as proof of residence. Wisconsin state law lists specific types of documents that must be used to prove residence in order to cast a ballot.

Handwritten receipts are not among those documents regarded as acceptable legal proof of residence.

D'Abbraccio is not a gadfly.  He has serious credentials.  You can bet that the "Community Center"'s trash is going to be of interest to the authorities, and that one won't be the only one.

...On Thursday, the MacIver Institute revealed that the Racine County Sheriff’s Department was initiating an investigation into documents found in a dumpster at the Cesar Chavez Community Center (the polling location for Racine wards 11,12, and 15). According to a source that MacIver talked to, the investigation pertains to pre-certified ballots, partially filled out election day registrations, and partisan political literature found in the dumpster.

It gets more interesting.

...election observers reported that an extraordinarily high number of voters were showing up to the polls for same-day registrations, using change of address forms to obtain ballots. That led to legitimate concern that such an individual showing up to vote, might also have been registered at another location. According to another election observer I spoke with, there is no mechanism in place to prevent people from casting multiple ballots at a different polling location where they have previously been registered. One election observer reported seeing the same woman vote three times at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center polling place...

Oh, yes, there's even more!!

...At Festival Hall, one female election observer, Jennifer Neubauer of Illinois, receiving a threat from a thug inside the polling place who was entering and exiting with groups of voters who had been bused to the location to vote. The thug in question was not an election official, and was reportedly issued a $400 citation for threatening to the smash Neubauer’s head into the ground

Wisconsin Jobs Now and Voces de la Frontera deployed vans to drive voters to and from the polls, as well. One of these vans had the words “Cash Money” painted on the window, giving rise to the question of whether voters had been paid or offered any sort of compensation for going to the polls.

Did all of that add up to 825 votes?

For the complete list of questionable, illegal, and fraudulent behavior, see Lou's post here.

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