Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CRG Is Right; Vos Is Wrong

This morning on Weber's show, Citizens for Responsible Government's Chris Kleismet made the argument for keeping Wisconsin's recall provision intact.

And he was right.  The recall provision keeps politicians honest (not a bad thing, that) and it is rarely used.

Weber characterized the Walker recall (and the other 14 in the last year or so) as "abusive."  Kleismet responded that just because a law is abused doesn't mean that you change the law.  It's worth remembering that the Republican rule will eventually come to an end and that another Dolyeite regime could ensue.  Should they face recall if they emplace odious policies?

Damn right they should.

Robin Vos is of the opinion that he and all his colleagues are entitled to their term, once elected.  Vos is wrong.  There's no "entitled" job; either he does what his constituents want, or he gets canned.

Thanks, Mr. Kleismet!  Keep up the good work!!

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Anonymous said...

Please read things tho before you speak so foolishly. Robin's comment was in responce to those who wanted to recall the DEMOCRATS who voted down the jobs the mill could have created!
You must be a very angry, sad person...you have my sympathy.