Saturday, June 09, 2012

US Forest Service: The Nuts Are in Charge

There's a very serious possibility that another "Sagebrush Rebellion" is in the works in Tombstone, AZ.

You can get the story at the link--but here's a telling out-take:

...As a result, Ivory said, Tombstone "is minutes away from going up in smoke" because it is "a wooden town in the middle of the desert in the middle of a drought."

At the center of the debate is the Mexican spotted owl.

"What is more important, owls or the people of Tombstone?" James Upchurch, a Forest Service supervisor who oversees the wilderness, was asked in court earlier this year.

Upchurch responded that there was no easy answer, which left jaws dropping on Tombstone's side of the courtroom.

I wonder what Upchurch's wife and children think of that response, don't you?  After all, if he can wash his hands of the population of Tombstone, why not his family?


Billiam said...

First, dehumanize your opponent. Put him at or below the level of animals. Hence, let the town die over an owl. Let fields in California dry up and produce nothing, putting people out of work, because of a fish. Humans are, apparently, easy to discard. They did this to the timber industry remember, with this spotted owl bs. Gaia is more important to them than simple human animals.

Jim said...

Sure, it's all very easy when everything is black or white.

Dad29 said...

Ummmnnnhhhh, yah, Jim.

Your combox posts are priceless.

Please, keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Enviro attorneys are pushing this on all US public land. Shoot the guy in the middle, as per your schtick.

Amy said...

Sure, it's all very easy when everything is black or white.

What about this isn't black and white? The Feds are putting an owl...a stupid friggin' owl...above the needs of the people of Tombstone.

It's bulls*** and you know it.

It's always amazing how liberals will march in protest against corporations (which, at least, provide their employees with income) and whine "People first!" but the second you ask about an animal, "People first!" goes right out the window.

Liberal priorities are 1) self-centered and 2) out of whack.

Anonymous said...

There are still people in Tombstone? News to me.

Anonymous said...

Population of Tombstone AZ? 1562 Souls

Jim said...

What if the loss of the owl does irreversible damage to the eco-system? Maybe the spotted owl is keeping Tombstone from being overrun by rats or other rodents. Maybe those rodents carry plague or rabies.

Maybe in the long-term, preserving the spotted owl now will protect the human population later.

Or it could be a matter of black or white, right? Unless you're a liberal.

Dad29 said...

What if the sun gets closer and fries PRChina next week?

There are other owls. And for the rats? .22 caliber rifles. That's why God invented rifles.

neomom said...

Nevermind of course that this is only to lay water line. So they will need a corridor that is what, 50 ft wide?

Friggin' morons. The owls will be just fine.

Side note - did anyone see 60 Minutes last night where they highlighted the game ranches in Texas that have save some African species from extinction through sport hunting, but the ninnies don't think it is good enough?