Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Removing the Varnish

This guy makes only one error.

...As we all realized four years ago, Barack Obama is a political myth. Oh, there is a real man behind the myth, but he has little in common with the demi-god who ran for President.

Obama the Myth is a history changing, once in a generation leader. He is a gifted orator, a Jedi Master of politics and the smartest man to ever occupy the Oval Office. He brings people together, inspires them and guides them to a better tomorrow. He farts Skittles and pees rainbows.

Obama the man is an incompetent bullshit artist with no principles. But his greatest weakness isn’t incompetence, it’s hubris. He REALLY believes he is Obama the Myth.

He is a narcissist who is surrounded by sycophants dedicated to preserving his delusions of grandeur. He smokes his own hopium. He gets high on his own supply.

Now comes the part with the error:

...With Obama’s mediocre skills and lack of morals he could have easily spent a long career in the Senate – just like Joe Biden. But Obama’s an exception to the Peter Principle – he’s risen above his level of incompetence.

He had a lot of help getting there. On his own he never would have made it to the Senate. He had rich and powerful “friends” who hooked him up with David Axelrod, one of the most sought-after political fixers in the country.

It was a symbiotic relationship. They wanted to use him, and he wanted to use them. Every puppet needs his puppet master, but Obama ain’t Gepetto.

Umnnhhhh.....there are only two possible answers to the question "How can someone be so totally anti-American?"  One possibility:  incompetence.

The other:  actual anti-Americanism.

I don't agree that he's incompetent.  So yah--I think he IS anti-American.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughable link.

"I don't agree that he's incompetent. So yah--I think he IS anti-American."

Perhaps YOU should lay off the varnish, because you are indicting by implication every single American who voted for and/or supports him as being a traitor to our nation.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of inhaling....

When I voted for Obama, I did not KNOW what he would do when in office. Dad29 indicts only Obama, not his (previous) supporters.

Jim said...

Matthew Continetti is an incompetent bullshit artist without a clue. And anyone who believes a word of what he says is delusional at best and un-American at worst.

Anonymous said...

Jim does not like this.......

Hmm, know what this means?
This means...... Bulls Eye!

Good Shooting Dad!