Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hillary's Mid-Game Gambit

Owens sees that the chess game of '(D) primary-'08' continues.

By denying that State played any role at all in Operation Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton has thrown Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano under the bus at highway speeds.

“How?” you may be asking. Simple.

According to the Arms Export Control Act, only the State Department can authorize the export of weapons. Every weapon that the multi-agency strike force made up mostly of Department of Justice and Homeland Security personnel sent over the Mexican border should equal a felony, for at least 2,020 felonies in Operation Fast and Furious alone.

Eric Holder’s December 8 agreement to appear in front of Congress under oath just got a lot more interesting

D'ya think?

I've been waiting for HRC to make a move on Obozo, the SCOAMF.  If she takes down Holder and Napolitano, it will be the equivalent of a neutron bomb:  the buildings remain, but all the people are gone.

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neomom said...

Well played.

The only fig leaf left for Holder and Incompetano is to say Obama authorized it.

Damn, the Clintons can be ruthless. Heh.