Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UW-GB, An Example of Ethical Behavior. /Irony

Well, well.  Seems that UW-GB management overflows with corruption.

A second administrator from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay rejoined the university after retiring last spring, and is now collecting a six-figure salary along with a $44,000 pension...

Now get this:  The bozo/corruptocrat here can read English (we assume)--after all, he's a "highly educated" individual, right?

the [Green Bay Press-Gazette] quoted Sewall as saying, “There is no evidence I did not follow state policy. I retired because I thought my benefits would be at risk. No one was sure what was going to happen under the governor’s budget-repair bill.”

...unless you actually read the bill, Ph.D. Sewall.

Waupun has a few rooms available for you and Captain Corrupt up there.

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