Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NLRB: Thugs for the SEIU (And Others)

So now, the NLRB has become the 'enforcer' for SEIU and other unions.

Still think that "statism" stuff was just over-reaction?

In the recent Lamons Gasket case, the NLRB voted 3-1 to overturn a precedent that allowed workers like me to demand a secret ballot unionization election following a card check campaign.

I don't know why the NLRB decided to reverse precedent and end these safety-valve elections. But I do know the decision has had a serious impact on workers across the country.

Several pending union decertification elections were called off before employees had a chance to vote. Other elections that had already taken place were abruptly nullified -- the NLRB didn't even bother to count the ballots.

There's a solution, beginning with BUY MORE AMMO.

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