Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sibelius and Nixon


The country’s first criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood was left teetering Friday when it was revealed the state of Kansas destroyed abortion records that prosecutors planned to use as evidence.

That would be in 2005 under the regime of AbortoQueen Sibelius, about 32 years after a some tape recordings were mysteriously wiped clean in another Gummint office several hundred miles ENE of Kansas City.

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Jim said...

So you're suggesting that Sibelius as governor had something to do with normal shredding of documents at least two years BEFORE anybody asked for them? Wow, she must be hiding something, huh.

I note from your article that current officials of the department of health in the Brownback administration are declining to comment, presumably because there is nothing they could say that wouldn't make the author look foolish.

Jim said...

And you are somehow equating that to the missing 18 minutes of the Nixon White House recordings.

A more apt comparison might be to the missing 18 hours of recording from Ellie Arroway's headset camera.

Al said...

Jim, the investigation of Planned Parenthood WAS going on in 2005 & Kline had subpeonaed those very documents that she had destroyed. That means she WAS covering up. The charges were filed in 2007 after the investigation.

Al said...

I should add, the investigation began in 2003.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying Al. Jim? Jim? Response?

Jim said...

You mean the investigation by this guy?

Although Kline was AG in 2003, I can't find anything that says we was carrying on this investigation or seeking these records prior to the time the DOHE claims they routinely shredded them.

I'd be happy to read anything that proves otherwise.

Al? Anon? People? Response?

Dad29 said...

I'll bet on Al's info, even if he doesn't put up support.

Kline was after the babykillers for quite some time.

Jim said...

Go with Al. What "babykillers"?

Anonymous said...

well, Jim, any editor who o.k.s a first sentence about someone being 'in hot pursuit' of something tells you that a. the editor is fantasizing about starring in yet another "The Front Page" remake, or b. is not so transparently jiggering the story.

That said, Kline clearly didn't abide by proper protocol. And that said, HIS failings certainly don't justify the Abort Queen's considerable lies. And BTW, whatever Kline may have done wrong, even the paper had to acknowledge the imperative behind his efforts: “The dominant tragedy in this saga is that through my investigation it was learned hundreds of children were sexually abused in Kansas, and Kansas has still done nothing. Nothing in the panel’s…opinion can alter that truth,” Kline said in his statement tonight. To encapsulate Jim - do you really think Ms. Sibelius is a truthful person? Really?

Jim said...

do you really think Ms. Sibelius is a truthful person? Really?

What is a "truthful person"? What does that mean? And what relevance does any answer have to this story which only mentions Sibelius as the GOVERNOR of the state and not the director of DOHE or the clerk who shredded the documents.

Are you a truthful person?

Al said...

Here is a link for the timeline of the investigation.

As you will note, he began the investigation after his taking office & went to court to subpoena the records in 2004, the year before they were shredded. Here is a 2006 article from fox news that backs up that period from the timeline:,4670,KansasAttorneyGeneralOaposReilly,00.html

Clearly the Dept of health knew what was going on with the investigation & the importance of those records. & given the well documented relationship between Sibelius, Tiller & Planned Parenthood, the timing of the shredding is much more than coincidence & was likely intentional.

Anonymous said...

Jim, what is a truthful person? You don't know?

Pontius Pilate asked a similar question.

And note that your defense of Ms. Sibelius consists of attacking others.

Jim said...

From your timeline:

October 24th 2006 — Kline finally receives possession of 90 hotly contested abortion records, three years after he asked for them and nearly 9 months after the KS Supreme court ruled that he was entitled to them.

So it looks like Kline got what he asked for. What does records shredded in 2005 have to do with anything?

And nowhere in the timeline is Sibelius mentioned. Nor does her support for Planned Parenthood mean that she would engage in any unlawful activity to stifle a witch hunt.

I'm trying to understand your question about Sibelius and "truthful person" in context. Jesus was a truthful person. Was Paul?

And note that your defense of Ms. Sibelius consists of attacking others.

Really? What exactly constitutes my "defense" of Sibelius and where exactly am I "attacking others"?

Dad29 said... you really expect that Ms. Sibelius, AbortoQueen, would personally sign orders demanding shredding of sensitive documents?

Dick Nixon was not that stupid. We expect that Ms. Sibelius was also not that stupid.

And despite your typically useful queries here, you are displaying a remarkable....ahhh....credulity w/regards Ms. Sibelius.

Jim said...

"do you really expect that Ms. Sibelius, AbortoQueen, would personally sign orders demanding shredding of sensitive documents?"

No, of course not. So does that prove that she directed that it be done. Do you think she is the only pro-choice person in the state of Kansas? I mean she got elected governor, right?

Remarkably credulity? There is no credulity involved here. There is no case that Sibelius is involved. Only politically motivated conjecture. So why am I expected to accept that Sibelius is not "a truthful person".

There is no there here.

Al said...

"What does records shredded in 2005 have to do with anything?" Everything, esp if you read the story to see that those missing records are needed to confirm or disprove the other copies he got on '06. But you would know that if you had read the article. Also since when does someone destroy records that they know are a part of an invetsigation unless there was some to cover up?

Al said...

Additionally, in answer to the question "What does records shredded in 2005 have to do with anything?"
(From a LifeSiteNews article about the scandal) "Judge Stephen Tatum delayed the preliminary hearing Monday after last week’s news of the destruction of the records. Then-Attorney General Phil Kline had subpoenaed them in 2004 in his investigations of the failure to report 166 potential cases of child rape.

The judge declined a motion for dismissal by attorneys for the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic of Overland, Park, Kansas and instead, gave Johnson County prosecutors until November 9 to replace the shredded records. Filed in 2004, the case has been largely centered on the fight over access to the records, which are needed to compare records Kline acquired with records Planned Parenthood later submitted.
(& a LifeNews article)
Judge Stephen Tatum granted the continuance due to the state’s plea that only recently had they learned that crucial evidence for proving a forgery –original copies of those state late-term abortion compliance reports from Planned Parenthood– had been destroyed in 2005 by the state of Kansas Health department (KDHE) under Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. . . . Back in 2005, Sebelius was losing her fight to keep various subpoenaed state information relevant to illegal post–viability abortions away from then-Attorney General Phill Kline.

Those shredded records had plenty to do with the case!!!!!

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