Thursday, October 27, 2011

Umpty-Billion People in 2121? Not Likely

That's the UN population-graphic they didn't send to the press.  It's the "low variant" estimate.

Steve Mosher, who actually studies demographics, essayed on the latest UN bullshit:

...the people counters at the UN Population Division assume that fertility rates in dying countries will somehow surge to 2.1 children per woman.

Now why would aging and dying populations (e.g., the Russians, the Italians, the Japanese, etc.) suddenly start having exactly the number of children necessary to replace themselves. The UN Population Division does not say.

And that's for the "medium variant" graph (available at the link.)

The UN and the BabyKillers are always looking for funding.  Don't forget that.

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Anonymous said...

"The UN and the BabyKillers are always looking for funding. Don't forget that."

Along with the BPA is Safe crowd, low probability for meeting those numbers.